• Jul 01, 2015
  • by Ed Holden

Thank you for checking back in on the blog for H3 Essentials Health & Happiness. Our specialty is crafting expertly formulated joint supplements for dog. Dogs absolutely love these delicious doggie delights that promote joint care. We are very excited about our blog and the canine advice column that will be a part of it. To that end, we are going to publish some of the advice letters that we have been getting here at the H3 Blog, along with our response.

Dear Dog Joint Care Specialist,

I have a yellow Lab, Nitschke, that is big part of the family. He is 5 years old, so he is not real old.  If you get him anywhere near a body of water, he is going in even if he has to drag you and the leash in with him. Lately, though he has seemed real sluggish after going in the water. Should I be worried about Nitschke, our middle aged yellow dog?


Worrier In Washington

Dear Worrier,

You are absolutely correct for taking note of Nitschke’s discomfort. I would definitely take him to a vet so the veterinary medicine professionals can actually see him. He will probably tell you that you can give him a baby aspirin after exercise and a supplement for joint care. Many vets give their dogs our Hip and Joint Supplement because it has 8 powerful ingredients that support your dog’s overall health as well as his joint health.

Thank you for writing in and sharing your dog joint care question.


H3 Essentials Health & Happiness

If any of our other loyal readers have a question they would like to pose to our advice column on dog joint care, simply contact us here.