• Jul 10, 2015
  • by Ed Holden

We are back for more dog joint care advice on the blog for H3 Essentials Health & Happiness. We love crafting expertly formulated joint supplements for dogs. In fact, we love making the supplements almost as much as dogs love eating them. We are very excited about our blog and the canine advice column that will be a part of it. Here is the next advice letter from a loyal reader of the H3 Blog, along with our response.

Dear Supplements For Dogs Expert,

We have two miniature beagles, Bonnie and Clyde, who were named appropriately considering all the reign of destruction they have brought down on us by chewing up the furniture and the digging out of the back yard. They are just starting to calm down a bit now and we are starting to wonder about healthy things we can do for our dynamic duo for the long term of their lives. Are joint supplements for dogs recommended for young dogs as well?

Thank you for your expertise,

Filling Holes In The Back Yard

Dear Filling,

You picked great names for your dogs! Yep, young dogs can benefit greatly from joint and hip supplements like our H3 Essentials. A long term preventive plan is beneficial for many dogs, especially those that are very active, like yours are,and those breeds that historically have hip troubles.

Thank you for writing in and sharing your dog joint care question.


H3 Essentials Health & Happiness

If any of our readers have questions they want to pose to our advice column on dog joint care, simply contact us here.