• Jul 20, 2015
  • by Ed Holden

We are here when you need dog joint care advice. Thank you for participating on the blog for H3 Essentials Health & Happiness. We love making expertly formulated joint supplements for dogs almost as much as they love devouring them. We are very excited about our blog and the canine advice column that is in it. Here is the next advice letter from a loyal reader of the H3 Blog, along with our response.

Dear Joint Supplements For Dogs Expert,

I have an arthritic dog, Ito, that needs to exercise. He likes the water ok as he is half labrador. We are worried about him not getting enough exercise. Going on runs seems to be behind him. Is swimming ok for dogs with arthritis?

Thank you for your insight,

Swimming For Answers

Dear Swimming,

Swimming is absolutely an acceptable activity and form of exercise for a dog with arthritis. As dog joint care specialists, we hear that question a lot. Swimming is easier on his joints that running, so get Ito in that lake. And stop into our store for some H3 Essentials Hip and Joint Supplements. Ito will eat them like a treat and you will love how they reduce inflammation and strengthen cartilage. These treats are great joint supplements for older dogs. However, they are also a great preventative measure with younger dogs, as well.

Thank you for writing in and sharing your dog joint care question.


H3 Essentials Health & Happiness

For any of our other loyal readers that have questions about dog joint care they would like to ask of our advice column, simply contact us here.