• Jul 30, 2015
  • by Ed Holden

We are here when you need dog joint care advice. Thank you for participating on the blog for H3 Essentials Health & Happiness. Dogs love these supplements. In fact, we love making the supplements almost as much as dogs love eating them. We are very excited about our blog and the canine advice column that will be a part of it. Here is the next advice letter from a loyal reader of the H3 Blog, along with our response.

Dear Dog Joint Care Specialist,

We have an eight year old chocolate labrador, Hershey, that is really starting to feel the effects of jumping in and out of the truck all these years (the truck is not doing so great either as the transmission just went out). Anyway, his joints are sore after even just going on short walks or playing with his doggie buddies. What can besides giving him an NSAID?

Thank you so much,

Halfway To A Country Song,

Dear Halfway,

We have help for Hershey! Our H3 Essentials Health & Happiness Hip and Joint Supplements will perk him right up. Our supplements are made from chicken that is sourced from the USA under FDA and USDA regulations. You will notice Hershey limping around less as our treats will reduce swelling and strengthen his cartilage.

Thank you for writing the blog to ask your dog joint care question.


H3 Essentials Health & Happiness

If any of our other loyal readers have a question they would like to pose to our advice column on dog joint care, simply contact us here.