• Oct 13, 2015
  • by Ed Holden

Joint supplements for dogs are an important part of keeping them active and on the go. Dogs are such fun animals to have. Don’t waste your time lounging around the house or in the backyard! Dogs like to switch things up too. Get out and try new things with your loyal companion by your side.



There are so many types of dog-friendly activities that will help both you and your dog grow as a team. You can ease your way into dog-friendly activities by starting with something simple like the dog park. Dog parks are a great way to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and socialize your dog ( and yourself). This is a great way for you and your dog to make new friends. Not feeling like socializing? Your dog loves escaping the chaos of everyday life just as much as you do, escape on a backpacking trip or hike with your loyal pooch. If you do decide to take your dog backpacking, make sure that your dog has the physical endurance to do so. You might need to do some puppy strength training and conditioning before making the trek to ensure your dog will not injure itself.



If your dog has a lot of energy on a regular basis, like a lab does, you might want to test your luck at agility training, flyball, or freestyle musical dance. Agility is a fun way to bond with your dog while exercising. You run your dog through an obstacle course while competing against other pooch and owner competitors. This helps to burn energy as well as increase your dog’s focus. Flyball is a relay race for dogs who love to play fetch. Ity consists of hurdles and ball catching from a spring loaded launcher. Freestyle musical dance is a new type of training activity for your and your dog. The dog and its handler partner up and perform a choreographed routine to a song of your choice. It takes a lot of dedication and practice, but the satisfaction and bonding experience is undeniable.



Try tracking, for those of you that like to hunt. Test your dog's tracking skills by having them sniff a toy or piece of clothing and then hide the item and have them seek it out. See how quickly they are able to sniff out the scent. A new sport has recently emerged called nose work. This activity is similar to tracking  in the sense that it is meant to enhance the smelling capabilities of the dog. This activity is generally done inside. You will need a harness, leash, four or five boxes and some rewarding treats. You will hide a treat in one of the boxes and then set the boxes around the room. You put your dog in its harness and attach the  leash, hold onto the leash, and then let them sniff out and obtain the treats from the boxes. Your dog will begin to be able to differentiate which boxes are empty and which boxes contain a treat. Use the game to sharpen the dog’s observational skills as well.


All of these activities are great ways to stimulate your dog in healthy and new ways! With all of the activity you will be doing, it is a good idea to consider joint supplements for dogs. These will help you start your dog joint care early and hopefully prevent joint problems from happening down the road.