• Oct 20, 2015
  • by Ed Holden

It's true that some dog breeds are just more prone to issues with their joints, and the issue can affect both large and small breeds. What about these particular breeds causes issues with their joints? And along with joint supplements for dogs, what can owners do to help prevent joint problems? 

Why Some Breeds Are Prone to Joint Pain

  1. Some large breed dogs grow very quickly, placing more stress on their joints as they get bigger rapidly and don't give the joint a chance to adjust to the new size gradually. 
  2. Large breeds age faster than small dogs and typically don't live as long. That means their joints, along with many of their internal systems, degenerate faster. 
  3. Athletic breeds may participate in more vigorous exercise than other dogs, which can put more wear and tear on their joints. Excessive exercise can be as bad as no exercise for some dogs.
  4. Some breeds are specifically bred to have a particular shape or size that can put more stress on their joints. This is especially true for breeds like the dachshund. 
  5. They may be genetically predisposed to issues such as hip dysplasia, inherited from their parents.

What Owners Can Do to Help

If you adopt a dog that comes from a breed known to have issues with their joints, you'll want to start them on a joint care routine right away, even if they aren't already showing symptoms. This can help you avoid issues in the future. Giving them high-quality joint supplements for dogs before issues exist can be a great way to head off problems when they are older. Be sure to choose a supplement that:

  • Tastes good to your dog. Supplements won't do you any good if your dog won't eat them, and if you have to fight with your dog to get them to take them you are much more likely to give up on the routine. 
  • Are easy to give your dog. You don't want to fight your dog, so something in a treat-like form is best so you'll continue to give it to them daily.
  • Has lots of great joint-supporting ingredients. Look for ingredients like glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, and Vitamin C. 

Combining your joint supplements for dogs with other methods can give you even better results. Be sure to exercise your dog daily, give them a well-balanced nutritious diet, and take them in for regular checkups with your veterinarian. All of these things will work together to help keep your dog moving easier longer so you can have more happy and healthy years together.

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