• Mar 08, 2016
  • by Chrissy Millen

Pet healthcare costs are on the rise, so many pet parents are turning to Dog Joint Supplements and other preventative treatments to maintain their pet's health as they grow.  Animal Health International cites a study by the American Pet Product Association revealing that the cost of routine healthcare for dogs has gone up to an average of $655 per year.

It's no wonder more pet owners are being more proactive and using natural supplements. In the case of dog joint pain, for instance, there are ample nutritious elements that also have medicinal value for alleviating pain, promoting repair in damaged joints, and slowing or stopping the effects of age-related dog joint pain.

A joint supplement is a great way to improve your dog's health and even reduce your pet health care expenses down the line, but not all supplements are created equal. Check that your dog is getting these 5 key ingredients for their joint health:

1. Antioxidants

A study published in the International Journal of Rheumatology (IJR) found antioxidant vitamins such as C and E to have positive effects on cartilage. Vitamin C protects cartilage, keeping free radicals from tearing down the tissue over time and even encouraging tissue repair. Additionally, Vitamin E showed to have significant pain-relieving effects.

2. Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Glucosamine and chondroitin are often found together in joint supplements for dogs, and there's a good reason for that. In his book "Nutritional Supplements for the Veterinary Practice" veterinarian Shawn Messonnier reveals that chondroitin and glucosamine deliver better results when used together. Chondroitin improves the condition of cartilage, enhancing its elasticity and thickness. Glucosamine for dogs provides the elements necessary for cartilage repair. Used together, these two ingredients are among the best joint supplements for dogs.    

3. Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM)

Don't try to pronounce it; just call it "MSM." This nutraceutical comes from sulfur and provides the vital building blocks to repair cartilage, but that's not all. MSM for dogs is also an anti-inflammatory and even does double-duty -- triple-duty, actually -- acting as an antioxidant, according to Veterinary Partner.

4. Omega Fatty Acids

Your kitty loves fish, but fish oil for dogs? You bet -- when it's Omega fatty acids you're talking about. In addition to the benefits of antioxidants for joint pain, the IJR study also found Omega fatty acids to increase collagen production and reduce inflammation, both essential aspects for alleviating dog joint pain.


A yucca is a non-flowering tree, and it's roots have been found to be medicinally useful. WebMD says yucca extract has been found to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness in joints associated with osteoarthritis. While most supplement manufacturers include glucosamine, chondroitin and antioxidants in their products, not all of them incorporate herbal ingredients. You know you've found one of the better dog joint supplements if yucca is listed on the label.


dog joint supplementsYou could fill this shopping list of joint supplements for dogs but make room in the medicine cabinet first. When your best friend is facing joint pain from dog arthritis or any of a number of other dog joint maladies, sharing the space and spending the money seem like small sacrifices. Alternatively, you could get everything in one with H3 Essentials Hip and Joint Supplement for your pooch. It contains all these ingredients in one tasty chew: the perfect glucosamine dosage for dogs along with the antioxidants, chondroitin, Omegas, MSM for dogs and even yucca. One affordable supplement with all the effective ingredients.