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Pet Supplements

Canine Joint Problems Explained

  • Sep 25, 2015
  • by Ed Holden

Did you know that joint problem is common in many dogs? It's true: the most commonly affected areas are the elbows and the hips, and the joint problem can range from dog arthritis to hip dysplasia. If you want to provide dog joint care to...

Is Your Dog In Pain? Look For These Signs

  • Sep 15, 2015
  • by Ed Holden

Much like humans, dogs feel pain when they have infections, dental problems, arthritis or any kind of disease. Since they're unable to speak to us, it is part of your responsibility as a pet owner to know the signs that indicate when your dog is...

Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

  • Sep 01, 2015
  • by Ed Holden

Who can resist those big brown eyes and cute doggie grin? Can a little reward from the table really hurt your dog? Well, that depends on what it is and what's in it. A chip with guacamole can cause your dog some real problems. In...